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The Saltwater Sauna
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authentic Finnish wood-fired sauna


Relax and enjoy the 'löyly' and reap the benefits of nature and heat, as you recharge in an authentic Finnish, wood-fired sauna.


Located on Sandbanks Beach, our sauna seats up to 8 people, with stunning views to the sea through a panoramic window. The sauna includes a small built-in changing area, and boasts warm LED downlighting, welsh grown Douglas fir floorboards, quality ventilation, and British sheep's wool insulation.

Join us for golden sunsets and sunrises, crisp autumn and winter mornings, moody skies, and stormy weather-fronts, all from the comfort of our luxury beach-side sauna.

The Saltwater Sauna


The sauna is bookable for private hire and communal experiences in 35 and 65-minute time-slots, including time for changing. Our 65-minute private experience accommodates groups of up to 8 people, and our communal saunas up to 6 people. Our 35-minute private sauna is capped at 5 people to allow ample time for changing, as well as relaxing.

For an authentic Finnish experience, customers can manage the 'löyly' (the steam that rises from the sauna stove), allowing control of heat and intensity. To gain the full benefits of hot-cold exposure, spend up to 10-15 minutes in the sauna, before dipping in the sea or enjoying a chilly beach-side shower - and repeat.


For information on what to bring to your session, our cancellation policy, health & safety considerations and more, please see our FAQs.


A steamy vessel of escapism and a place to reconnect your mind and body. Sauna has the ability to improve sleep quality, exercise performance and muscle recovery, as well as cardiovascular and brain health, moisture barrier properties of the skin, and detoxification and fat loss.


Regular sauna use is considered to reduce stress and anxiety, stroke risk, chronic pain and fatigue, and protect against dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as respiratory diseases and pneumonia. For more information on sauna benefits, head over to our friends at Heartwood Saunas.

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols' book 'Blue Mind' soundly uncovers the relationship between nature, health, and wellbeing. Through connecting with nature in 'blue space', you’ll be able to plunge into the sea, socialise and warm-up in the ‘löyly’, and enjoy year-round beachside wellness.

The Saltwater Sauna
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Offsetting the wood used to fire up the sauna.

The Saltwater Sauna Director (Arlene)


I'm Arlene, a sauna-enthusiast, artist, surfer & yogi, and the person behind The Saltwater Sauna. Born and raised in Finland, with a ratio of 5.5M people to 3.2M saunas, it’s no surprise my passion for saunas crossed the ocean and landed here in Dorset!⁠


In Finland, sauna life is simple; it’s what brings people together as the cornerstone of our weekly routines. Once you step into the sauna, you’re immersed in a blissful state of peacefulness and calm, and leave feeling revitalised.


Saunas are magical to me, and I want people to experience authentic sauna culture and to have even more reason to enjoy our beautiful coastline, all year round. There's simply nothing better than a stormy day and a cosy sauna, fire rippling in the background and rain patter on the rooftop.

Handcrafted by Heartwood Saunas
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