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The Saltwater Sauna (Bill Measom)
Cancellation Policy


  • How do I book?
    To book your sauna experience, create an account / log in on our website. You'll be able to see all your past & upcoming bookings on your account and cancel / reschedule any of your existing bookings within the cancellation period, hassle-free! Read more about the new cancellation process under 'How do I cancel / reschedule my booking?'. We do not take bookings prior to 3 weeks in advance to keep the booking process fair for everyone. Please note that we reserve the right to remove / change any time slots prior to releasing them on the website. The sauna is bookable for private and communal experiences 3 weeks (21 days) in advance, to the minute. This means that, for example, a 9:15am time slot on a Saturday will be available to book on the website 3 weeks before on a Saturday at 9:15am. You can see all our available time slots on the online booking system; simply choose your experience and continue to the booking calendar for that experience. If you're looking to book multiple spaces for a communal sauna, you can do this by choosing the number of participants on a drop-down menu. Where no option to book multiple spaces is available, this means there is only one (1) space left. If you're unable to choose a time slot on the booking calendar, it's likely the date or time is simply not available to book yet (i.e. further than 21 days away). If the booking calendar shows no availability at a certain date or time, we may be fully booked of closed, or the time slot may have been reserved for a weekly communal sauna or an event.
  • How do I redeem my sauna voucher?
    You can redeem your voucher code on the website at checkout. All our vouchers are valid for 1 year from purchase (or booking cancellation if you're receiving credit) unless otherwise stated / agreed.
  • How do I cancel / reschedule my booking (cancellation policy)?
    Please log into your member account on the website to cancel / reschedule your existing bookings within our cancellation policy (48h). Cancellation Policy 48h+: cancel on your account for full refund or reschedule for an alternative available time slot in the 3-week booking window 48-24h: although no credit is guaranteed for last minute cancellations, we'll always do our best to fill the slot to be able to offer credit / reschedule your booking within the 3-week booking window; please email us to cancel / reschedule within 48-24h before your scheduled booking -24h: unfortunately we're unable to reschedule / offer credit with less than 24h notice We do not offer credit for ‘no shows’ All sauna sessions are transferable, if you are unable to attend; you can gift your session to a friend / family if you're unable to attend last minute The Saltwater Sauna operators reserve the right to refuse admission to intoxicated persons or for other reasons that may be deemed a health and safety risk. Refunds will not be offered to anyone refused admission.
  • Who can use the sauna & what is your age limit?
    We regret that children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the sauna under our insurance policy. Please note that alcohol and nudity are not permitted in the sauna. The Saltwater Sauna operators reserve the right to refuse admission to intoxicated persons. If you are pregnant or have any underlying health problems, please seek advice from your doctor before booking. Listen to your body, take lots of breaks, and keep hydrated. Remember to sign our waiver form before arriving for your session.
  • What is your Covid-19 policy?
    Sufficient sauna ventilation is one of the most integral aspects of an authentic Finnish sauna. A constant source of fresh air ensures the hot air is well circulated and used air removed before it becomes stagnant. Our sauna and changing room are also be cleaned between each group for everyone's health & safety. If you’re feeling unwell and/or have tested positive for Covid, please get in touch via email. If closed due to Covid restrictions, a full refund or credit will be given at any time. In the event that we have to cancel a booking, you will be notified by email and helped to find an alternative time slot / refunded / credited.
  • How can I contact you?
    Please read through the rest of the FAQs before getting in touch to ensure your question hasn't already been answered, and to avoid unnecessary admin for our small team. Please email us at for any further enquiries.
  • How do I get to the sauna?
    The easiest way to find us is on Google Maps, simply type in 'The Saltwater Sauna' for our exact location on the beach. Please do not follow the postcode, this does not show an accurate pinpoint location. If you're walking over from Sandbanks Car Park, simply make your way to Sandbanks Beach and walk towards Bournemouth. We're located next to the volleyball nets, a 3-minute walk from the car park.
  • How do I get in / gain access to the sauna?
    Our sauna is always staffed, so no keys / codes are needed to gain access to the sauna. You'll be welcomed and briefed by a staff member on site upon your arrival.
  • Where can I park?
    The closest car park is the 'Sandbanks Car Park' (Banks Road, BH13 8QJ), located adjacent to 'Sandbanks Crazy Golf' (3-minute walk to our beach-side location at BH13 7PP). Alternatively, park on Banks Road, where you can pass through the sand-dunes (1-minute walk).
  • How does the 35-minute Sauna Experience work?
    Recommended for our regulars' 'quick fix' sauna immersion, limited to 5 people. To gain the full benefits of hot-cold exposure, spend up to 10-15 minutes in the sauna, before dipping in the sea or enjoying a chilly beach-side shower - and repeat. For a 35-minute experience, you'll have time for 5 minutes changing on arrival, 1 x 15 minute sauna or 2 x 8 minute sauna, a quick dip in the sea, and changing afterwards before your booking comes to an end.
  • How do the 65 / 90 / 120-minute Sauna Experiences work?
    Recommended for those looking to gain the full benefits of authentic Finnish sauna culture, for up to 8 people. For Finns, going to sauna is not just about relaxing and getting physically clean, but also about enjoying conversation and nature. For our 65 / 90 / 120-minute experiences, you'll have ample time to change, and to fully immerse in the experience, both in and out of the sauna.
  • What should I bring with me?
    Due to limited space, we advise bringing minimal personal belongings with you. You'll need: Swimwear A water bottle Two (2) towels; one to sit on in the sauna, and one to dry with For the winter months, we advise bringing warm clothing to change back into post-sauna.
  • Where can I leave my belongings?
    Due to limited space, we advise bringing minimal personal belongings with you. You will be able to leave your belongings in the changing area at your own risk. Any overflow of belongings that don't fit in the changing room will need to be left outside.
  • What time should I arrive before my session?
    Please arrive promptly at the time of your booked sauna slot to allow time for briefing. Changing times are included in your booking; arriving late will shorten the duration of your experience.
  • What can I expect from the changing room?
    There is a small changing room as you enter the sauna, separated by a frosted glass door, providing privacy and a heat trap for the sauna room, as well as an area for you to leave your belongings. Please note all our experiences include time for changing. If you'd like to use the changing room towards the end of your session, please be mindful of the next booking and do this within your booked time slot.
  • Can I put water on the stove?
    For an authentic Finnish experience, customers can manage the 'löyly' (the steam that rises from the sauna stove), allowing control of heat and intensity. Drizzle, don't dump! Although adding water over the rocks humidifies the session, and is one of the best aspects of an authentic Finnish sauna, please remember not to dump water on the rocks. Instead, drizzle water on with a ladle intermittently until the heat reaches an appropriate level. Dumping water on the stove will make the sauna feel hotter momentarily, but is actually counteractive in increasing the temperature of the room as the excessive water will cool down the sauna rocks. If you'd like the sauna to be hotter, please ask our member of staff on site and we'll be happy to assist. A trained member of staff will be nearby at al times for any queries and support you may need managing the heat and the water on the rocks.
  • Lost & Found
    Any lost and found items will be stored at the sauna for 14 days. If not collected within this time, any items will be given to charity / discarded. If you think you may have left behind any items, please get in touch via email to see if we can locate the item and store it until you're able to collect.

For any further enquiries...

We want all our guests to feel at ease, so please feel free to contact us via email and we'll help answer any questions and alleviate any concerns.

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