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  • Alcohol and nudity are not permitted in the sauna. The Saltwater Sauna operators reserve the right to refuse admission to intoxicated persons.

  • Any hanging jewellery should be removed before entering the sauna to prevent burning.


  • All persons using the sauna do so at their own risk. If you have any reservations regarding sauna use, such as medical conditions, underlying health problems, the use of prescription drugs or pregnancy, it is essential that you consult your GP before making a booking.


  • Sauna etiquette must be adhered to at all times. This includes;

    • Washing feet in the bucket provided before entering the sauna

    • Sitting on a towel at all times

    • Staying in the sauna for no longer than 20 min at a time (we recommend 5-15 min sessions)

    • Gently pouring water onto the sauna stove; do not dump water

    • Only pouring the provided 'sauna water' on hot rocks and nothing else​

    • Getting changed within your booked time slot, if you'd like to use the changing room.


  • All persons using the sea as a 'cold plunge' do so at their own risk. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are a capable swimmer and can handle being exposed to the cold temperatures and varying conditions of the sea.


  • Anyone under the age of 16 using the sauna must be accompanied by an adult. We regret that children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the sauna.


  • If you are making this booking on behalf of a group, it is your responsibility to make all users aware of the terms and conditions and to practice safe sauna use, as well as making others aware of what to bring and other useful information.


The Saltwater Sauna operators reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason that may be deemed a health and safety risk. Refunds will not be offered to anyone refused admission.

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